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DHL Supply Chain Thailand introduce TRAILAR solutions to its network fleet

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

DHL Supply Chain, the global market leader for contract logistics solutions, is deploying innovative eco-friendly technologies to develop a greener fleet by introducing ‘TRAILAR’ solar technology from the UK. By taking the initiative to move towards a more sustainable fleet, DHL Supply Chain is now the first logistics company in Thailand to equip its fleet of 36 vehicles with this cutting-edge technology.

TRAILAR is a sustainable and cost-effective solution that helps to reduce fuel usage, emissions, and maintenance costs, making a significant contribution to the future of the environment. With the use of the technology, new and existing vehicle fleets can reduce emissions and still maintain efficient performance on the road.

James Macleerie, Head of Transport, DHL Supply Chain (Thailand Cluster), explained, “TRAILAR utilizes industry-leading solar technology to capture a natural energy source, providing a greener, cleaner urban-friendly delivery solution. A solar mat installed on vehicle’s roof, is connected to a charge controller that works with the alternator and battery. The TRAILAR system reduces the requirement of electrical energy from the alternator, which would have previously been created via the burning of diesel. Innovations like TRAILAR are critical to the logistics industry and paves the way to developing sustainable carbon neutral supply chains.”

TRAILAR’s innovative technology draws energy from sun irradiance and stores it in a dedicated battery pack. This, in turn, feeds all electrical items on the vehicle without using the engine battery thus allowing the driver to operate all the electronics on their vehicle during idling periods without using the engine and fuel to run air conditioning.

With TRAILAR solutions, DHL Supply Chain seek to accomplish five main objectives:

1. To reduce vehicle fuel consumption by 3% to 5 %.

2. To reduce engine idling time in order to lower CO2 emissions.

3. To increase the longevity of vehicle batteries.

4. To use sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.

5. To reduce maintenance costs and the possibility of a vehicle breakdown.

“DHL Supply Chain Thailand will continue to invest in greener products and solutions to support our goal of reducing all logistics related emissions by 2050,” James concluded.

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