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TRAILAR Products

It contains detailed information about our newly streamlined core products, including their features and specifications. We believe that this guide will assist you in making informed decisions and finding the right solutions to meet your requirements.

So what are our Core Products?

The goal of our product matrix review is to help customers make informed decisions by providing all the essential information at a glance. It can be especially useful when customers are comparing multiple similar products from the same company or different companies in a particular industry.

Trailar V7 Ratecard Final_Customer JPEG_

What size Mats do we offer?

TRAILAR specializes in providing tailor-made lightweight 3mm solar panels for your fleet's specific needs. Our solar panels are designed to be efficient, durable, and seamlessly integrate into your vehicles, enhancing their performance and sustainability.

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Having a simple solution architecture has led to integrating our cutting-edge technology across a growing range of vehicle types...
Refuse - Saturation Edited-min (1).png

Our solar solutions fit seamlessly to recycling vehicles, saving fuel & CO2

with clean energy.

Annual Fuel Saving 1,100L

Annual CO2 Saving 2,900KG

co2 Filled.png
Rigid - Saturation Edited V2.png

Our first solar solution. 

The perfect fit for your fleet.

co2 Filled.png

Annual Fuel Saving 


Annual CO2 Saving


Trailer - Saturation Edited V2.png

We take your fleet of trailers and fit them with our cutting-edge solar technology.

Annual Fuel Saving 


Annual CO2 Saving 1,800KG

co2 Filled.png
Product Anchor
Bus - Saturation Edited-min.png

We take your fleet of buses and fit them with our cutting-edge solar technology.

Annual Fuel Saving 1,800L

Annual CO2 Saving


co2 Filled.png

We can fit to all types of vans, so you can optimise across your entire fleet.

co2 Filled.png

Annual Fuel Saving 


Annual CO2 Saving


Box Van - Saturated Edited-min.png

Integrate our systems onto your fleet of electric vans, and start going further with solar.

Range Extension 


Annual Energy Supplied 


Find the right solution for your fleet.

Using our product matrix below, see a summarized version of our solutions & their benefits.

Royal Mail.png
Royal Mail.png

“As the UK’s largest fleet operator, it is imperative that we continuously look to new technologies to ensure our fleet is also first in its class. After initial implementations within our double deck trailer fleet using the TRAILAR technology, we have been impressed with the results.


TRAILAR systems allow for the trailers to become self-sufficient, which historically are reliant on the tractor unit to maintain its battery life and therefore operation. Removing this dependency means that our double deck trailers are operationally ready when required for loading. Less time in the yard means more time on the road, optimising our service further for the end customer."


Paul Gatti, Fleet Director at Royal Mail


Did you know we also provide property solutions? 

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