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By harnessing free, clean energy from the Sun, we reduce the alternator's requirement to create energy via the burning of fuel, to power all on-board electrical equipment.

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Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible, shatterproof & ultra-thin, our mats are the best on the market, and are fitted with ease to your fleet.


Flexible & 3mm thin



& Durable

Powerful Solar


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TRAILAR Smart Charge Controller

Unlike any other fuel-saving product, our solutions provide live telematic data on vehicle & solar performance.


Designed for




Telematics & GPS


Key Operational


Data you can count on.

You can monitor just how much our solar energy is saving, with our in-depth telematics information.


Solar energy is now responsible for powering on-board vehicle equipment, removing the alternator's requirement to create energy.

Solar Contribution

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Alternator Usage

As solar energy is utilised by the vehicle, here we can see the power created by the alternator is greatly reduced.

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Fuel vs. Clean Energy

The graphs shows the level of alternator usage (red line) compared with solar energy contributions (blue line).

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Battery Status

With real-time battery status reporting, you can keep your fleet operational at all times.

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Innovate with TRAILAR Insights.

TRAILAR kits are award-winning for a reason.
Along with fuel, CO2 savings and proactive battery management,  customers can access our web-based telematic platform, giving visibility of real-time fleet data and solar benefits. 

Proactive Fleet Maintenance.

Our detailed battery life insights mean you should never have a vehicle off the road.

TRAILAR technicians provide customers with real-time data and analytics, all part of the package when you fit our systems to your vehicles.

Choose our solutions, and you'll know more about your fleet than ever before with our telematic insights.

Optimisation Image with Mats.png

Optimised Vehicle Utilisation.

No fleet of vehicles is perfect, but why wouldn't you want to have yours as close as possible?

With information on running times, idling and overall performance, the analytics we provide mean you can make decisions that directly benefits your operation.

Tail-Lift Counts.

Our data can also tell you how many Tail-Lift uses each vehicle is performing, so you can be accurately charged for what you do.

Say goodbye to approximations and estimates - Our telematics cuts through the noise to provide customers with granular numbers on each aspect of their fleet.

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