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Royal Mail

United Kingdom

“As the UK’s largest fleet operator, it is imperative that we continuously look to new technologies to ensure our fleet is also first in its class. After initial implementations within our double deck trailer fleet using the TRAILAR technology, we have been incredibly impressed with the results.

TRAILAR systems allow for the trailers to become self-sufficient, which historically are reliant on the tractor unit to maintain its battery life and therefore operation. Removing this dependency means that our double deck trailers are operationally ready when required for loading. Less time in the yard means more time on the road, optimising our service further for the end customer.

With network volumes naturally increasing, VOR assets from increased usage starts to play a major role is disrupting service levels.  The solar systems work to dramatically improve our trailers welfare, and with the TRAILAR telematic information available, we can even proactively maintain the fleet to ensure trailers are only off the road when we plan them to be."

Paul Gatti, Fleet Director, Royal Mail

ALBA Group


“The waste management industry is evolving faster than ever before, and we at ALBA have always tried to get ahead of the curve by bringing in innovations and integrating smarter greener solutions to this industry. TRAILAR is one of those partners, helping us to accomplish this even sooner.


In addition to providing an environmentally-friendly image by installing solar mats on our entire fleet, we expect to see these first 13 vehicles saving over 13000 litres of fuel and drastically reduce carbon emissions by over 39 tonnes of CO2 annually.”

Sandra Sajen, Assistant Sustainability Manager for ALBA W&H

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Go-Ahead Group

United Kingdom

"At Go-Ahead we're always looking to find innovative, greener transport solutions. In Southampton, we've rolled out 'air filtering buses' that clean air as they travel through the city.”

“Now, with the help of TRAILAR, we've gone one step further and been able to add solar panels to eighteen buses in our Bluestar fleet. We're really excited with the results this new technology is providing us, supporting our aims to reduce our fuel consumption, carbon emissions and improve air quality in our local communities."


“TRAILAR have worked hard in ensuring the systems were fitted efficiently and are delivering the maximum benefit to our vehicles, through the telematics the systems provide us.”

Jim Collins, Group Chief Engineer (Bus), Go-Ahead Group

DHL Supply Chain

South Africa

"The TRAILAR implementation in South Africa has produced good results on fuel savings, we all know that fuel makes up approx. 35%-40% on any Carriers vehicle operating costs, therefore with the introduction of the TRAILAR units we are chipping away on any fuel wastages and making the World a Better Place.


We can proudly state we are an official partner in reducing the global transport carbon footprint, with the support of TRAILAR"

Quintin Meintjies, Transport Manager, DHL Supply Chain SA

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DHL Supply Chain

Czech Republic

"True to our 2050 strategy “zero emissions”, our Czech Republic team have once again deployed Go-Green technology to their fleet partnering with TRAILAR. I am really proud of our teams contribution to reduce air pollution, thereby making a greener and safer environment for everyone, this also bringing our clients sustainable solutions. I look forward to the future, delivering Green initiatives from DHL Transport and TRAILAR." 

Warren Bodley, Transport Director, DHL Supply Chain

"Environmental aspects of our work as well as our social responsibility in this area are very important. That is why we have been taking the necessary steps with my team for a long time to reduce CO2 emissions and the use of TRAILAR solutions  is one of them"

Peter Badan, Director of Transport DHL Supply Chain CZ & SK

United Kingdom

“The transport industry has been waiting for vehicle manufacturers to provide us with the capability to tackle our impact on the environment in a commercially viable way. Luckily for us TRAILAR have focused on the operators challenges and created a technology to bridge the gap the market is clearly missing. This is a commercially viable solution that tackles fleet emissions and drives operational improvements without the need of driver management. Reducing the environmental impact of a delivery fleet is more crucial now, than ever before, which is why we’ve now moved forward with TRAILAR being standard across all of our new vehicles procured through Ryder UK."

Peter Cox, Head of Transport, CLEAN

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