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Eurocell and TRAILAR better together!

Eurocell are the UK’s leading specialists in PVC-U recycling, collection and extrusion.

For more than 20 years they have been at the forefront of PVC-U waste recycling operating an advanced close loop recycling system whereby, old PVC-U and off-cuts from fabrication processes are not just recycled but turned back into brand new extruded plastic products – all at the same site. They keep PVC-U out of landfill sites and in productive use for potentially hundreds of years.

Having invested £10million in recycling over the past 10 years, their 2 recycling plants and Nationwide collection service are now achieving highly impressive recycling figures; 1.2 million frames retrieved and recycled in 2018, plus 3,000 tonnes of production waste recycled. In addition to their clear commitment to reuse raw materials to preserve resources and minimise their impact on the environment, Eurocell understand that sustainability is much more than recycling and their working harder than ever to achieve maximum sustainability in every aspect of their business. That’s why they’ve now teamed up with TRAILAR to innovate their vehicle fleet which provides a national service to collect post -industrial and post-consumer waste anywhere in the UK.

Eurocell Recycle has underlined its green credentials by upgrading part of its national fleet with six MAN 7.5 tonne trucks fitted with TRAILAR solar technology from Asset Alliance Group.

TRAILAR is the leader in solar transport technology, with the mission to make commercial vehicles ‘greener’ by reducing their environmental impact. Ultra-thin solar mats are fitted onto the roof space of new or existing vehicles and connect the mats to the vehicle battery. Solar power is generated and then used to power various on-board activities and even a vehicles tail lift.

The solar support fleet based out of Selby and IIkeston is expected to save over 9 tonnes of CO2 and 3500 litres of diesel a year for the business.

Ian Philpott, Capex and Affiliates Procurement Manager at Eurocell says ‘As a business with a major focus on sustainability, these high-spec vehicles will help reduce Eurocell’s impact on the environment and enable the team to run its operations more efficiently’

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