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Putting on a show! TRAILAR and EMG Light Up the Way to a Cleaner Tomorrow

EMG is a leading global provider of broadcast services and media solutions for live sports and entertainment. With over 35 years’ experience in the broadcasting field, EMG is a partner for the largest national and international events, covering sports (Premiership Football, European Tour Golf, Six Nations, FIFA World Cup,, UEFA Euro 2020, London Marathon and more), Live events (King Charles III’s Coronation, Royal Weddings, Trooping the Colour and others), entertainment (The Masked singer, Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, Celebs Go Dating and Dancing on Ice), and other well established industry must-see events (Brits and BAFTAs to name a few).

Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire they are also active in 10 countries around the world including France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, the US and Australia -This international presence allows them to operate flexibly and efficiently capturing the occasions that matter and sharing them with the world.

EMG are at the forefront of their industry and are committed to leading positive change governing sustainability through partnerships with a range of external companies. Steps have already been taken to improve the carbon literacy of the entire workforce and a range of initiatives implemented to reduce their carbon footprint.

EMG were the first in the industry to adopt GREEN D+ HVO fuel for their fleet, operating on cleaner greener fuel. They have an ongoing commitment for a more sustainable business and to help achieve this they’ve now teamed up with TRAILAR

TRAILAR are the leader in solar transport technology, with the mission to make commercial vehicles ‘greener’ by reducing environmental impact. Ultra-thin solar mats are fitted onto the roof space of existing or new vehicles. The solar mats are connected to the TRAILAR smart charge controller which monitors the electrical requirement and delivers energy to on-board batteries in 2 modes, ensuring optimal performance whilst the vehicle is both operational and inactive.

These four new DAF vehicles can be used standalone or can be scaled up to work together – while still providing more cost and energy efficiencies than a traditional OB truck. They have been designed to fill all styles of production; traditional, remote surface, full remote, cloud and simplified production. All equipment purchases for these new vehicles have factored in power efficiency, weight and size. All four are fitted with TRAILAR solar technology. Enhanced with an Essential Charge system providing separate power to the independent power unit whilst the TRAILAR Smart controller regulates charge going into the vehicle battery, TRAILAR provides a new clean solar energy source for the vehicle to power various on-board electrical activities and components such as monitors, radio, lights and many more. In addition the solar energy generated will also support and remove the need for vehicles to idle whilst in operation.

Sean Mulhern, EMG UK’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, said,

We have been engaged in conversations with our clients to identify the most cost-effective and energy efficient solutions for each type of production. These remote production vehicles have been specifically designed with efficiency and sustainability at their core, at a time when broadcasters are becoming more open to the possibilities of remote production. We continue to make every effort to seek out opportunities and take concrete action to improve our sustainability record, while fully supporting our customers’ needs. As a business we have a great passion for innovation so when the opportunity was presented to us to work with award winning innovative technology to build on our green culture we couldn’t turn it down.”

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