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We're working with 'Your Gas Network'!

-          1,445 of Cadent gas vehicles fitted with solar technology from TRAILAR.

-          TRAILAR’s innovative, green solution supports company’s sustainability agenda and solves battery drain problems.

Cadent own, operate and maintain the largest gas distribution network across the UK, providing customers with the energy they need to stay safe, warm and connected.

Officially created in 2017 when National Grid sold its gas distribution business, they can trace their roots back 200 years, to the very start of the gas industry in Britain.

With a network of pipes stretching over 82,000 miles they serve over 11 million homes and businesses throughout the Northwest, West Midlands, East Midlands, South Yorkshire, East of England and North London.

(They also manage the national gas emergency service free phone line on behalf of the gas industry receiving around 1.42 million calls every year).

For Cadent, the delivery of net zero by 2050 requires an unprecedented amount of change, investment, and collaboration. Hydrogen will play an important role as an energy source for industry, transport, power generation and heating buildings and homes. In addition to this and much more they’ve now also teamed up with TRAILAR ( as part of their drive for more sustainability but also to aid their operation.


With the inclusion of additional ancillary equipment such as the inverter for charging power tools within Cadent vans, it was necessary for Cadent to seek an external power source to the vehicle in order to maintain operational uptime, reduce fuel consumption and maintain vehicle range (EVs).


After an initial impressive trial, 1,445 vehicles have now been fitted with TRAILAR’s ‘Enhanced’ solar solution. The vehicles fitted consist of Ford Transit Customs, Vauxhall Evivaro's, Maxus', MAN's, Mercedes Sprinters of which 650 are diesel Custom maintenance vans and 795 are electric vans used to respond to gas emergencies. The Enhanced solution from TRAILAR provides power to the vehicle’s ancillaries reducing fuel and CO2 burn as well as extending range on Electric vehicles. The technology will not only save 250 litres of diesel and 627kg of CO2 per vehicle each year it will also extend the range of Cadet’s electric vehicles by up to 750 miles annually.

In addition to the obvious benefits brought about through the introduction of solar (reduction in fuel & CO2 Burn, extending range) Cadent have also acknowledged the reliance of solar to ensure battery health.  The solar solution ensures that the battery health remains optimum even in the darkest winter months with no battery related breakdowns to report since the addition of the TRAILAR Enhanced solar solution.

“Here at Cadent, we recognise that we have a responsibility to set an example in the way we operate as a business, and we continually seek to minimise the environmental footprint we create in functioning day to day.


Working with the team at TRAILAR, their solar technology for all transport applications has really impressed us. Not only has the technology helped us to reduce fuel and emissions for each vehicle fitted (saving money) but it has also improved our fleets resilience.


The colossal issue we see fleet providers facing with 12-v batteries unexpectedly going flat leaving them unable to start the vehicle has been eradicated for us with no battery related breakdowns reported for vehicles fitted with TRAILAR’s enhanced solar solution. Fleet Director, Cadent.


Cadent have also realised/cited several operational cost benefits brought to the business because of the addition of the TRAILAR Enhanced solar solution:

-          Reduction in Engineer Downtime due to battery/starter/alternator/dpf failures: -

-          Reduction in failed response fines,

-          Decrease in admin time for downtime works,

-          Reduction in the number of replacement vehicles required due to battery/starter/alternator/dpf failures and

-          Reduction in delivery & collection charges for short term rentals at short notice.


“We’re proud to be working alongside a business that is as focused on driving sustainability into their fleet as Cadent.  Sustainable transport for all and achieving zero emissions sooner with solar is key but it’s also fabulous to see how the introduction of solar, solves the battery issues that so many fleet operators are currently facing. Any positive impact within the transportation industry is a win as far as we are concerned.

Our focus has also been the integration of solar for commercial vehicles and this is still the case, but we urge operators to ensure that it’s the right solar solutions for transportation.” Managing Director, TRAILAR.


TRAILAR is the leader in solar transport technology, with a mission to make commercial vehicles ‘greener’. This technology allows ultra-thin solar mats to be fitted to new and existing vehicles and will actively reduce the fuel consumption and maintain vehicles range with solar energy powering all onboard electrical equipment.



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