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Innovate your fleet with solar energy
  • Cut fuel consumption

  • Lower emissions

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Improve battery life

  • Real time data & GPS

Our Solutions


Fully Fitted

ROI in 12 - 18 months


Fully Fitted

ROI in less than two years


Fully Fitted

ROI Term circa 2 years


Fully Fitted

ROI Term circa 2 years


Fully Fitted

ROI Term circa 3/4 years

The Technology

Flexible Solar Mats

  • 18% Efficiency

  • 2kg per m² Lightweight

  • 3mm thin Aerodynamic

  • Excellent Shade Performance 

  • Shatterproof & Durable

  • CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide)

TRAILAR Smart Charge Controller

  • Designed Specifically for Transport 

  • Outstanding Conversion Efficiency

  • Electrical Management System

  • Real-time Data Display

  • GPS Tracking

  • IP Rated Casing 

Millbrook test proves 5.24 %
improvement in fuel economy

For the rigid truck, the drive cycle with tail lift tests with the solar panel connected resulted in a 58.6% improvement in fuel economy. The ancillaries test data was extrapolated over a distance of 189 miles and at a constant 40 mph, the average daily mileage and speed achieved by DHL. This was then combined with the fuel consumption figures from the drive cycle with tail lift tests, which resulted in an overall 5.24% improvement in fuel economy.

Awards & Recognition
ISO Certified
Lloyds Bank Award_2x
Asset 6ABS
Asset 5AB
Asset 2
Asset 3
Asset 4A
Asset 7G
ISO Certified
Lloyds Bank Award_2x
Asset 6ABS
Asset 5AB
Asset 2
Asset 3
Asset 4A
Asset 7G

Join the evolution and reduce your emissions


Aaron Thomas & Denny Hulme from the UK came up with the innovative idea in 2016. With many years of experience in logistics and mobility, they soon realised the vast potential of integrating solar within transport to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. 

Aaron Thomas / Co-Founder & Managing Director
Denny Hulme 
/ Co-Founder & Managing Director


Make your fleet green and cut down on fuel and emissions

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