TRAILAR was born from the idea to innovate and permanently evolve the transport industry.

We fit solar mats to the roof of commercial vehicles across the globe, saving fuel, CO2 and maintenance costs for our customers.

Our telematics go even further, providing data-driven opportunities to improve operational performance, with Tail Lift Counts and Battery Status reporting just a few of the benefits of our systems.

A fuel-saving solution for your

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How our systems work.

We are proud to develop solar transport technologies that are best in class.


We take your commercial vehicle and apply ultra-thin solar mats to the roof.

These are then connected to the Smart

Charge Controller, which regulates the transfer

of energy from the alternator and

solar mats to the battery.


Sensors then monitor all electrical 

characteristics, calculating fuel & CO2

saved by the utilisation of clean, solar


Join the evolution and reduce your emissions.

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