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The Evolution of Solar Technology - A Solar Car?

The solar industry is growing at an alarming rate in terms of variety and size. New manufacturers of photovoltaic technology are pushing the boundaries of innovation in finding ways to harness energy from the Sun. Sono Motors are pioneering solar technology that is embedded into every panel of the passenger car - A new way of capturing solar power through surface area coverage of 248 cells integrated into the body of the vehicle.

With a range of up to 255km, their product essentially charges itself. A typical summer's day can equate to 34km worth of charge, and as they put it, 'complete self-sufficiency on short distances'.

A huge stigma that often arises with sustainable, environmentally-conscious products is the notion 'It sounds great, but does it actually work'. Electric cars are a prime example of this, with a common criticism being that charging them up takes too long, and that there are not enough EV points to make electric vehicles viable as a 'mainstream' method of transport.

Sono Motors are a brilliant example of just how ground-breaking this industry is, with massive potential savings at the fingertips of transport sectors from passenger cars to huge trucks & trailers.

Check out their solutions here!

Another company choosing to include solar technology in passenger vehicles is Hyundai, with it's flagship sedan the Sonata incorporating solar panels across the entire roof.

Rarely out of the news Tesla are pioneering in embedding solar panels into roof tiles, with one of the main criticisms of current panels being their physical appearance.

With modern solar technology, Tesla have been able to integrate incredibly small and thin PV modules into each individual tile, which are invisible to the human eye at street level. This is yet another huge leap towards integrating solar technology into everyday life.

Learn more about their solar roof and energy technology here!

In conclusion, the solar industry is now an essential part of everyday life, with countries around the world relying on solar energy for large proportions of their electrical demand.

For instance, 30% of UK energy was supplied by solar a few weeks ago, and Germany are now projecting to supply 50% of the country's electrical requirement with solar by 2050.

Embracing green technology was the first step, but now global corporations are investing in the integration of clean technologies throughout their businesses, with transport now swiftly following suit. Join the evolution, or risk being left behind by your competitors.

Images by Sono Motors & Hyundai Motor Group (C)

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